The River Navigation Department, Government of Goa, is instrumental in providing transport service to the commuters across the rivers especially for the islanders in the state of Goa where there are no road accesses. It is responsible for providing round the clock ferry service to the public and for transporting vehicles and goods. This service reduces the traffic load on roads and helps in saving fuel energy by utilizing the untapped water ways.

River Navigation Department (RND) with the objective of serving local people has been declared as \'essential public utility services\' for providing 24 hours ferry transport to the commuters at 20 ferry routes all over Goa with fleet of 39 ferry boats. Everyday about 2.5 lakhs commuters and 18000 vehicals use the ferry service. The River navigation Department was established during preliberation time and still an important mode of transport for the Goans. It is a fact that vast spread inland water ways of Goa have been underutilized.

With its 131-km-long coastline, Goa is an important tourism destination in every tourist\'s itinerary. Tourism is so prominent in the State of Goa that the number of tourists almost equals the state population. Over the recent years the number of local and foreign visitors visiting Goa has been continuously increasing. The pressure on infrastructural facilities in the State has increased significantly. Similarly Goa has widely spread network of inland water ways with two main rivers Zuari and Mandovi and other small rivers such as Terekhol, Chapora, Mapusa, Sal etc. having sufficient draft for navigation. Hence, there is need to develop inland water transport in Goa.

RND wishes to focus on public transport which is core to its service mission, while identifying non-core activities such as fast ferry service across the important towns/cities for public, vehicles and good. Ferry service from Panaji to Vasco has been identified as one of the viable development options for development of water ways and supplementing our vision of developing nate mode of transport in Goa.