Ferry Routes

Sr. No Ferry route No. of ferries plying Timing
1 Kerim - Tiracol 1 6.00 to 22.15 hrs. #
2 Camurlim-Tuem 1 6.40 to 21.00 hrs. #
3 Tolto-Dhauji 1 5.50 to 23.15 hrs. #
4 Pomburpa-Chorao 1 6.00 to 00.10 hrs. #
5 Panaji-Betim 2 6.00 to 22.00 hrs. #
6 Ribandar-Chorao 4 6.00 to 02.00 hrs.(next day) #
7 St. Pedro-Diwar 1 6.30 to 00.45 hrs. #
8 Old Goa-Piedade 2 6.00 to 02.15 hrs. #
9 Vanxim-Amboi 1 6.00 to 23.35 hrs. #
10 Naroa-Diwar 1 6.00 to 24.00 hrs. #
11 Cumbarjua-Gaundalim 1 6.00 to 23.30 hrs. #
12 Tonca-Sarmanas 2 5.50 to 22.00 hrs. #
13 Volvoi-Surla-Maina 1 5.45 to 23.30 hrs. #
14 Madkaim-Cortalim 2 6.00 to 21.10 hrs. #
15 Rassaim-Durbhat 2 6.15 to 20.30 hrs. #
16 Rai-Shiroda 2 6.15 to 21.15 hrs. #
17 Adpai - Rassai 1  

#  Ferries also available with special charges.



Department has appointed Ticket collectors for the sale of tickets on board theferries. They have been provided with white colour uniforms. In case the routeis auctioned and handed over to Private Contractor, then Ticket Collector appointed by the contractor will collect the tickets.

Government has exempted foot passengers and two wheelers, from thepayment of ferry toll charges from 1/4/2000 and from 1/1/2006 respectively. Ferry toll charges are therefore payable only for four wheelers and cargo. The ferry toll is fixed by the Government from time to time. Existing ferry toll charges are prescribed vide notification No. RND/Accts/Rev./Fer/99-2000/1247 dt: 8.10.99 published in the official Gazette Sr. No. I No. 30 dated 21.10.99 which are as follows:-Government has exempted foot passengers, two wheelers, and three wheelersfrom toll fee charges. Other charges are as follows, Routes Items Rate in Rs.

  1. Old -Goa-Piedade Pomburpa-Chorao Naroa-Diwar Volvoi-Surla-Maina Camurlim-Tuem Cumbarjua-Gaundalim Car/jeep/3 wheeler 7.004 wheeler light commercial vehiclee.g. tempo, Pick-up,Matador.15.006 wheeler medium commercial vehiclee.g. - DCM, TATA709 etc.20.006 wheeler heavy vehicle e.g. Bus,Truck, tractor etc. (with total weightless than 10 tonnes)23.00Special trip. 55.00
  2. Kerim-Tiracol St. Pedro-Diwar Panaji-Betim Ribandar-Chorao Tonca-Sarmanas Vanxim-Amboi Rai-Shiroda Volvoi-Surla-MainaCar/jeep/3 wheeler 10.004 wheeler light commercial vehiclee.g. tempo, Pick-up, Matador.20.006 wheeler medium commercial vehicle e.g. - DCM, TATA709 etc.22.006 wheeler heavy vehicle e.g. Bus, Truck, tractor etc. (with total weightless than 10 tonnes)30.00Special trip. 55.00
  3. Rassai-Dhurbhat Car/jeep/3 wheeler 14.004 wheeler light commercial vehicle e.g. tempo, Pick-up, Matador.20.006 wheeler medium commercial vehiclee.g. - DCM, TATA709 etc.33.006 wheeler heavy vehicle e.g. Bus,Truck, tractor etc. (with total weightless than 10 tonnes)38.00 Special trip. 55.00
  4. Madkai-Cortalim Car/jeep/3 wheeler 27.004 wheeler light commercial vehiclee.g. tempo, Pick-up, Matador.43.006 wheeler medium commercial vehiclee.g. - DCM, TATA709 etc.6 wheeler heavy vehicle e.g. Bus,Truck, tractor etc. (with total weightless than 10 tonnes)NotallowedSpecial trip. 255.00
  5. All routes Loaded vehicles including Car/Jeep/3wheeler/light and medium 4/6wheelers/tractor Rs. 2/- perquintal or part thereof.11. PASSES: The monthly/quarterly passes can be availed by the regular traveling passengers with four wheelers at the counter of the River Navigation Department, (TrafficSection ) 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 02.30 p.m. to 04.30 p.m. on all working daysexcept Holidays and Sundays.

Two wheelers are exempted from payment of tollfee.The monthly/quarterly passes can also be availed by students/physically disabledpersons, with four wheelers. PROCEDURE FOR AVAILING SEASONAL PASSES AND CONDITIONS:

  1. Commuters desirous of obtaining monthly/quarterly passes shall apply in theprescribed form and hand over the same to the official attending the counterof River Navigation Department, Traffic Section, Betim-Goa and passshould be collected on the spot.
  2. After compliance of the above requirements, a monthly/quarterly pass shallbe issued on payment of prescribed fees.
  3. The pass issued is not transferable.
  4. The pass shall have to be signed by the person to whom it is issued.Unsigned pass shall be considered invalid.
  5. The pass shall be valid upto the date shown on it. The said pass may berenewed from the next date from the date of expiry provided the same ispresented for renewal on next day.

The Rules governing the issue of passes are prescribed under NotificationNo.7/18/90.I.W.T.dated 28.4.97, published in the official Gazette Series I No. 9,dated PRIORITY:Priorties for crossing ferry services are issued to the public for followingpurposes.

  1. Wedding couple vehicles.
  2. Sick patients/Ambulance.
  3. Hearse Van.


Basic facilities like passengers shelter and car parking is available mostly at all the ferry points.

On board of the ferryboats wooden benches are provided for sittingpurposes. Each ferryboat is provided with first aid facilities also. Life savingAppliances and Fire Fighting equipments are also fitted on each ferryboat to takecare of any eventuality.


Co-operation of traveling public is sought by the River NavigationDepartment to provide a sure, dependable and efficient service to them. They should avoid ticketless travel, pay the correct fare and insist on ticket from the Ticket Collectors on board the ferryboats.